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香港 #AlreadyTomorowInHongKong – Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS- arriving- landing Photographer@KevinJamesNg

香港 #AlreadyTomorowInHongKong – Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS- arriving- landing Photographer@KevinJamesNg

Arriving……On a noon Lantau island modest hazy day in the distance……. 

The first thing on my mind was surviving jet lag on that “Air New Zealand” flight on a Boeing 777-200ER that I used to race heavy aircraft  among others in in my former multiplayer days of Flight Simulator days. But in keeping up with the adjusted time zone getting enough sleep on the flight towards Hong Kong should cover that, due I was heading into those early hours of the afternoon, in which was noon Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong as the it was a sunny clear but yet modestly hazy day arriving seeing first hand as my flight landed viewing outwards on that window seat..  As the morning clouds came seeing it from above then slowly descending into the view of the runaway, landing on that runway looking at the distance mountains of Lantau Island, I knew I was arriving home, home of three that’s Auckland, Hong Kong also Santa Monica… In looking at the recently new Hong Kong International Airport, notice it’s massive undertaking, that is built apond on a massive reclaim land campaign..  After finding the old Kai Tak international Airport was on the verge on become beyond a saturation point as Hong Kong starting to grow into a well matured real city…

Heading towards immigration and customs from my flight, from the terminal, from a very long well settled organised terminals in taking the train in between the second terminal to the first to gather my luggage….. Having the arrived in Afternoon in which the interior of the building openingly surrendered towards the well-lit sunlight, lighting up insides of the hall… Towards the in reaching towards to gathering to gathering my things, in that hall with my luggage that’s have more fun that you… finding my luggage, that’s having more fun going around the merry go around in that carousel in which was down the massive hall among with a long line platoons of carousels .. In finding that carousel, thinking that my luggage is still saying have you found me yet? Looking around the arrays of well-informed informational flight panels that showing the luggage conveyor belt row that it should be on me walking towards apond. Sometimes it’s best to asked questions or for directions given if you’re not sure about the staff are promptly punctual if you can’t speak Cantonese, most of the staff, or police officers around the Airport do speak very proficiency English, most of the Airport staff is mostly bilingual or trilingual also modestly helpful…..

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