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During this week of early October 2016, conducting one of the largest fire drills that taken place in Peking-Beijing, The Forbidden City… The exercise take’s place on one of the key halls of The Forbidden City, the Hall of Supreme Harmony, in which its intriguing history is the place has been burnt down several  times  before it reconstructed , back in the Ming Dynasty where it was struck by lightning burnt down finally reconstructed in between 1695-1697  after a major lightning fire broke out in 1421 finally then reconstructed in 1440, due to high nature of high rise built buildings of the Forbidden City it was very subsequently to repeated lightning strikes that it that time .. The fire Drill, takes place with five hundred people, involving firefighting crew, with newly made equipment, for the first time Robots are introduce to fight fire for dangerous options that’s a regarding too deem risky for manned mission wise involving to toxic burning materials… The firefighting drills takes place on multiple fronts on spraying water on imperial golden roof tiles also the surrounding sides

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