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I you wondering what’s going on at “Hong Kong Museum Coastal Defence “they’re previously undergoing renovations in which is now at the moment in one of their Gallery exhibit spaces making way for the life of Aisin- Gioro Henry Pu Yi life, in which showcasing some of the possessions that Henry owned during the unfortunate stay at Manchurian province during the world war two Japanese incursion occupied, which is at the North East of PROC China, which sits right next to the North Korean border..

The Exhibit celebrates 105 years anniversary  the fortunate, also the unfortunate life of Aisin- Gioro Henry Pu YI, in which he was forcefully to abdicate three times twice under the gun, one is the unfortunate negotiation for a British Constitutional Monarchy style system with the KMT, after two attempted restorations of imperial China.. was forcefully evicted by a KMT Bandit Warlord having invaded into Peking, having two pistol guns one to his head, one on his wife Empress Elisabeth Wanrong.. Gunned held evicted out from his birth right home the Forbidden City..  Then his life into unknown starts from when he was escorted out from his home from the North Gate of the Forbidden City… Life experiencing throughout the Republic to the People’s Republic of China also as both sides collaborated CPC and the KMT fight resistance against the Japanese occupation… until he settle for a commoner’s life experiencing another revolution the Cultural Revolution…

As part of the seventy items in the exhibits collection features mostly from the Manchurian days, also when after during the time stayed in Imperial Palace of the Manchu State are from the museum in Manchurian Province,  where after the war world war two, also the civil war  it was archived on his life.. as you stroll down the collection, you can see lively hood,  wireless Radios, gramophones, his imperial attire in which worn during the time of Forbidden City.. as many Manchukuo commemorative medals, official memorials to his iconic fashionable round Harry Wilson reading spectacles which need since his younger teen years at the Forbidden city.. to his cigarettes containers when he smokes a lot like his wife Empress Elisabeth Wanrong both casual smokers. .   also scripted official memo’s to the Manchurian throne..

The exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum Coastal Defence in collaboration with the Leisure & Cultural Services Department and the Jilin Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau’s also the Museum of the Imperial Palace of the Manchu State runs through from 26th August 2016 to 13th February 2017….

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