GAME OF THRONES- RodeoFX | Season six- VI- 六- Visual Effects breakdown…



As we left off from season six of “Game of Thrones” we see the collaboration in alliance with Daenery Targaryen in taking off with her great assemble fleet of ships from the ports of Essos heading directly to the already dysfunctional Lannister’s household rule Kingslanding, in which is now ruled by now Queen Cersei Lannister whom have become cold, as seen through her brothers eyes Jamie… in wondering if he still retains that blooded stained tittle King slayer….

In this we see in collaboration with “Rhythm and Hues” and” RodeoFX” tirednessly in producing post production work in storytelling recreating visually of George RR. Martin written works into HBO’s … In this we see the critical points of the story in the battlements of Mereen… Also among as the intro with the many faces illustrates the many key characters of the story, in which a place Arya Stark finding herself with a seclude group of assassins..  As part of the post production of using the raw live shooting of the production with the carefully co-ordinated placed position of the Green screen during the production only to be filled in bringing out the flesh of the story of using various layers compositions of computer Generated graphics in bring the words of the scene visually in which RodeoFX has done over 150 VFX shootings for eight episodes in the highest movie cinematic quality of work in entrenching you that world with a two VFX groups over in a tight production schedule… should be interesting to see what they bring for season seven..

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