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During Hong Kong’s 2016 Calendar year of events, Hong Kong is widely known for its New York, London look Oriental neon lights of the city landscapes as it was featured in a featured film “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” in featuring an intrinsic story reconnected couple whom re- explored where they left off in a Hong Kong district neighborhood in Lan Kwai Fong….

As part of the 2016 events during the month of August 2016, between the 5th towards 28th,  in the location of lower south of New Territories Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, blasting it neon lights with raving music using the Hong Kong Cultural Center wall has the massive back drop screen to display it’s projected neonic rainbows of musical colours.   Is also featuring a massive outdoor events with many other buildings spectrally neonically display such as the iconic Victorian Railway clock tower. “The 3D Pulse” festival is a part in connection with Hong Kong Summer of fun events, it’ll be interesting to see if Auckland New Zealand held these type  for the winter season..

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