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In all great progressing, constant, developing cities comes side effects (with development in one case) like how one abandoned village in Kuk Po. Kuk Po is situated in North Eastern area of Plover Cove in the West coastal area of the New Territories in Hong Kong. Its impassable by road, but it is walkable for a 45 minute trek to the village, also as you look beyond the Starling inlet towards the Yantian Harbour (where it is nestled against) is the PROC of China, Yantian City.

As a resident of Hong Kong “Freelancer Journalist Johnathan JK Morris “explains, documents the village which was once was a vibrant with life. Occupied by seven clans for three centuries more (almost the same duration as the Ming and Qing Dynasty). The village was once busy with farming and oyster picking. The communities were bilingual in Hakka and Cantonese in which was the common tongue back in the imperial days of the Qing Dynasty in Canton Providence region of China.

Since the 1920’s the village was in decline, although it’s still occupied by a handful of residents. The population was in decline as more of the younger generation moved onwards towards the larger city areas for work and a better life. The community still retains a self-sufficient spirit in heart with a community restaurant as a meeting place on one side of the village. Exploring the village thoroughly is a must, just in case you missed any slight details. Exploring the village is like experiencing the village in a standstill with time in as you visually excavate archaeologically the abandoned rooms and come across the relics that were left behind. Seeing them left behind makes you think you’re living there amongst a community of your neighbours that could return at any moment.


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