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#向前線消防員致敬  | #SaluteToOurFirefighters 

英雄 – Heroes is the word to describe the unconditional actions of the fire fighters of Hong Kong also all on Planet Earth..  In the recent weeks past, an industrial in Ngau Tau Kok Industrial building fire broke out in highly dense populated residential area in Kowloon Bay in the very nearby location of the former Hong Kong International Airport Kai Tak now converted into multiplex complex of shipping terminals….. The two unfortunate fire fighters fatalities were Senior fireman Samuel Hui Chi-kit, 37, from Kwun Tong fire station he was the second.. The first was senior station officer Thomas Cheung, 30, whom was in action to the very last however the second fatality past away while on route hospital… the incident of the blaze started on 21st June 2016…where a fire as broken out storage facility,   internally in the Ngau Tau Kok Industrial building  …. From there among those hospitalized eleven braven Fire Fighters have been the casualties of the all week building burn out … there calls to have the building demolished controlled to stop the fire spreading to the nearby adjacent residential and commercial buildings but another option was wavier to continue and concentrate in watering down the fire till its demise..

During the week, in Hong Kong also throughout Asia, also around the planet throughout massive social numerous people from all walks of life have posted their numerous unconditional heart warm thank you to the Heroes of Hong Kong in a massive various social media campaign….. That includes thanking the Doctors, Nurses whom have tried tirelessly in providing medical care also the Neighborhood communities whom provide the fire fighters foods in giving them strength…!

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