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Today it was a very clear cold wintery day, in which the Beanies are always still the fashionable trendy head wear for the Autumnary winter besides the hipster’s hoodies… Orthough there’s nothing wrong with both but one, Beanies are classic in which you could still accessories even for a guy whom wants to stand out trendy..

This morning has been colder, but not has frozen colder than the last few nights, days in which you could be describe of reliving your warmer winters day in WinterFell chilling out with the Starks… besides being freezing the air as been very Autumn like that famous Tang Dynasty’s poet Li Bai “Autumn’s Air” in which currently self- going through the same motions of that poem……

This evenings wintery sunset on a clear frozen evening is like revisiting the Amberic fusion settling glow on the horizon from Santa Monica… but this case it’s looking towards that Amberic horizon settling of the Tasman ocean as the Planet Earth rotates away from the sun seen eight minutes ago from a distance of least 150 Million Kilometers from Sol…   As seen from the summit One Tree Hill- “Maungakiekie” in Auckland in this has the most organic immersive view than the Sky Tower in CBD Auckland….. Even thou is been cold, still the Tasman Ocean as the sun set in the distance in view seeming so very close as over the closed horizon is the Waitakere ranges, then one great for surfing is that of Phia Beach.. in where I look in the direction of the Waitakere  Ranges in the distance over the Hemisphere I Autumn Air  think off that… see in 香港……..

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