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Traditionally Nostalgically Romantically the Star Ferry is used, in which is still in used today to get across the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong-SAR, it was commonly used every day and night during from Hong Kong island to the Kowloon that’s’ connected to the New Territories frequent used before the massive undertaking of an underground state of the art 1.86 kilometer under cross harbor tunnel highway in which was constructed during the 1970’s opened on 2nd August 1972 AD.. in its connection between Victoria Hung Hom and Causeway Bay..

As in this 360 Degrees view in which Google- You Tube is innovating , in giving the and encompassing experience in Matich with Facebook’s 360 view in which was provided by “ Earth Uncut TV” we take that ride from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon on sunny day Ferry ride in which was used in a night time scene in  Love Dan Humphrey to Serena Van Der Woodsen like  story film  “ Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” where two people left off from adventuring together in the streets of Hong Kong active street night life in Lan Kwan Fong, then both meeting up later years between Ruby-Jamie Chung and Josh-Bryan Greenberg… written, screenplay, directed by Emily Ting…

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