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As during this later of this month of April 2015 a department store in Tokyo Japan, launched a new in store shop assistant “Aiko Chihara”, a life like robotics assistant dressed in the traditional Japanese Kimono in which she’ll answers your basic shopping quires with a smiles in that quires with hand gestures also while she sings to entertain the guest patrons of the store orthough she speaks in Japanese but she’s also speaks in Chinese, Korean also sing languages as well..  Officially introduce by Toshiba last year to display their robotics innovations…

While also in Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong based high technology company, is creating a series of “life looking robotics”… with brilliantly autonomous animatronics made facial moments also including the silicon skin that produces the lifelike skin of nano rubber… with servo motors to give the expression… while Arthur is the older model the new one is Han as to the attractive third one is Eve the female version of Han…  as many of its facial expressions it can be applied through an app on your smart phone.. Or through a camera that recognized you expression through that way..

As “Hanson Robotics” brings out their series line of Robotics… It’s is expectedly to be used in the lines of helping out of the elderly also becoming their caregivers, also as to medical training applications of say of helping out Autistic children, also personal self-entertainment ….

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