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Given that you love the “Puppet Doctor” and his timey wimy adventures in Time and Space in visiting in every adventuring with his various selves with his or her trustily companions…. then you might love this stop motion animination by the “China Academy of Art” 2014 tittle Wind Snow Temple…  Done by independent artist Weng Jie creating the stop motion story …. it’s done in the most classical Chinese story play where a lone Hero Lin everso thinking dreaming of his bride his wife to be in a dream.. in a rundown Temple where is snowing  with an upcoming blizzards Where he’s unknowingly be perused by some henchmen in somewhat previous they were in battle as he  recovery dreaming of her on their marriage night..

As the henchman surrounds the hero, he discovers them, trying to elude the henchmen, as they try various techniques to elude him out into the snow blizzard field until each henchmen falls by the arrowed injured Hero… Until one the master Henchmen..  They battle it out till their last strength…till the injured Hero’s bride saved him and his love for her to find her….

Love the incredible details in the puppeteering, the clothing also the layered graphics compositions how it describe the storyboard.. And the level of detail in getting the costumes right as to the beautiful right period sets pieces right. .. Independent artist Weng Jie with his Weng Jie, Sun Wei, Liu Cheng stone, Mattei, Wu Yunqian team creating a masterful animation using fixed grid creating on martial arts scene..  as this story inspired by the Code adapted ing the “Water Margin” also the beautiful score for Wind Snow temple is Barren Landscape Wind” by Nature Sounds

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