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During this month of April 2015, PROC China has been exhibiting some awesome Technology this month in a Southern City of Shenzhen, in the Guangdong province… In just on the bordering lines of next to New Territories of Hong Kong and right next to Canton Province…

During “China’s Technology Information Expo – CTIE 2015” ran from the fourth to eleventh April 2015… In the convention halls of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition center… numerous technologies was exhibited….some like the utilizing the Microsoft kinetic as of consumer retailing in the form of virtual shopping for clothes that your scan body print… as you shop for your various outfits and move around to sample them so does the virtual dresses or clothes that you virtually sample around instead of going to a physical store to shop..  Also that Kinetic motion tech has been translated into education applications…

The other was the new method of “’s” Online shopping network (Ma Yun) Jack Ma’s way of paying your transaction with using your through  secured facial recognition to sign of a transaction as he introduce early this year.. Also 3D printing is another massive industry technology in which is show casting High School and University institution provides there innovations…  another is the innovation of  driverless cars or transport systems..


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