Orbital sky diving Aero braking – a new ultra extreme sport?

If you love extreme sports, this is one that’s the one up, to ultra extreme sports in comparison of too red bull air race and walking the entire lenght Great Wall of China solo.

One of the ultra extreme sports that I could see and trend in the later mid 21st century is Aero Braking. Where you suit up in a protective shield EVA | Extra-vehicular activity suit and make thrill seeking sport of descening of  an orbital plaform .

The idea is to Aero Brake on descent in above the Earth’s atmosphere. Where you jump of an orbital satillite and orbiting around earth and descening on to a target on Earth. To give you a bit of thrust a detactable back pack  

 One thing there are numerous techincial challenges along the way. The modify  EVA suit, there’s need to be a durable armoured shield suiting to bare the stresses of re-entry. Life support systems within the suit needs to be modify, to the conditions of re entry to protect the critical systems. . 

Another thing the delivery system of re entry, is the asspect of landing, the parachute would required in need of a much heaviver, durable weights  to slow down the descening person and also the added weight that’s added to the suit itself.

There’s being various examples where this sub Orbital Skydiving is used in the days before Astronuants, Aquanuants take the orbital plunge in testing out suiting equiment to survive in space from a weather balloon, and jumping out to test the required systems.

In Films there’s been of recent, Star Trek the reboot, where Kirk, Sulu, and the other guy whom ended up being his own fatality, orbital skydive to disable and neturalised the Nero’s drilling platform that was drilling into the planet Vulcan, Spock’s homeworld.   Another  reference is when Captain James T Kirk Orbital Skydive just before when he visited the retrofitted Excelsior class modify Enterprise-B, on Star Trek Generations the movie novel.

One application where this may arise is when there’s an emergency situation of say a low earth orbit vechicle that needed evcuation of Command module, if given an extremely harden jump modify EVA suit from the space station itself where if the escape assets are full used up, and there’s another way of escaping back to Earth.

As seen here on the Star Trek eleven movie 2009- between time lapse 1:15 to 1:25 minutes.

For more about it’s technical side- orbital skydiving

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